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It is an offence to leave your car running on a road to defrost it

By Boyce & Co., Feb 28 2018 06:31PM

It is an offence to leave your car running on a road to defrost it.

The police are very keen to make sure that drivers have vehicles clear of frost and with good visibility.

We have all seen drivers peering through a narrow piece of windscreen cleared of ice. They risk being prosecuted for careless or even dangerous driving and if they cause serious injury or death might well face prison.

It is common up and down the country for drivers to pop out and start the car so that the heater can run whilst they have their breakfast or sort their stuff out for the day.

Opportunist thieves are always on the lookout and the police warn not to leave cars unattended in case they are stolen.

In leaving a car running on a road unattended drivers also unwittingly commit an offence of ‘quitting’ and are liable to a fixed penalty or a fine.

So you are potentially prosecuted for leaving the car defrosted and can be prosecuted for leaving it running to de-frost!

Tri force specialist operations from Avon and Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire police tweeted earlier: -

The answer is to wrap up warm and stay with the car whilst it defrosts.

If you have off road parking you still run the risk of having your car pinched but at least will not face the quitting offence.

Let’s hope it warms up soon!

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