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Motoring Law

Boyce & Co Criminal & Motoring Solicitors are specialists in motoring law. We have a long record of successfully defending those accused of motoring offences. You will always be advised by one of our Court advocates.


From the most serious motoring offences to the most minor, we can examine every aspect of your case and give you the appropriate advice. Starting at the police station all the way through to the Court of Appeal if necessary.

We realise how vital your driving licence is to you.

We seem to rely on our cars more and more, the loss of a driving licence can have a significant impact not only on the driver but the driver’s family, work colleagues and friends.


We have dealt with very many clients who have been summonsed to appear before Magistrates Courts in the Avon and Somerset area and beyond and we are well versed in the arguments to make.


We have helped clients who have accumulated 12 penalty points to avoid disqualification where this would have caused them, or another, exceptional hardship.


We have dealt with very many special reasons applications especially in drink driving cases. If your drinks were laced or you only drove a very short distance, please contact us for advice. There are a number of different special reasons arguments that can be made for different offences, please contact us to discuss your case further to see if one of the many arguments applies to you.


If you have been disqualified from driving for over 2 years an application can be made to Court for the removal of the disqualification. For example it is not well known that a drink driving disqualification of 3 years can be removed after 2 years after a successful application. We can complete the paperwork and present the case to the Magistrates or Crown Court in the way most likely to see the return of your driving licence.


Bath Magistrates’ Court is now the centralised traffic court for the Avon and Somerset Police area. That means that all prosecutions for speeding or for failing to identify the driver at the time an offence is committed will now be heard before Bath Magistrates.


Please contact us to discuss an appearance before Bath or any other Somerset Magistrates Court.


Please contact us to discuss your case and we will happily give you a fixed fee quote so you know exactly how much your case will cost.

"Thank you for your help and advice and representing me in Court.... I will be happy to recommend your services to anyone who happens to face the same fate as myself."

A motoring client


“I couldn’t have asked for more, the response following my initial enquiry was quick, ... The service was excellent and I will gladly recommend to anyone else who finds themselves caught speeding. I only wish I had called earlier.”



"..thank you once again for your sterling work...really appreciate your efforts and of course I will be happy to recommend your services to anyone who happens to befall the same fate as myself..."

A motoring client



"Excellent service. I was totally satisfied if not altogether pleased considering the circumstances. The result could not have been better. I would use your firm again without hesitation if needed (I hope it will not be!)"

A very satisfied client  


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Motoring Law



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