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The Jack Grealish assault and sentence

12th March 2019

Paul Mitchell was dealt with swiftly by the Criminal Justice system. More swiftly than the unfortunate steward who did his best to catch up with him before the attack but looked like he was wading in treacle...

Reasons for not having free legal advice at the police station

16th October 2018

More than half of people interviewed by the police do not take up their right to have free legal advice. The police station can be a bewildering and scary experience. Being in a cell for hours on end with no idea what is happening...

Why the Salisbury nerve agent attack became a murder investigation

9th July 2018

This is a question a lot of people are asking today following the sad news of the tragic death of Dawn Sturgess and a decision to launch a murder enquiry...

Throwing articles into prison

21st March 2018

It can be a temptation to family members, and to others perhaps for financial gain, to try to take articles into prisons. The chance of being detected is high and possibly for that reason many who might otherwise be tempted to do so, resist...

It is an offence to leave your car running on a road to defrost it

28th February 2018

It is an offence to leave your car running on a road to defrost it. The police are very keen to make sure that drivers have vehicles clear of frost and with good visibility... 

New 'Domestic Abuse' Sentencing Guidelines

23rd February 2018

A new domestic abuse sentencing guideline has been published yesterday (22 February), giving courts up to date guidance that emphasises the seriousness of this offending...

Revenge Porn Can Be an Expensive Business

9th February 2018

"Revenge porn", the criminal act of posting online intimate sexual pictures/video of a person without their consent, carries a potential prison sentence of up to 2 years, so already there is every reason to think twice before exacting this type of revenge on a former lover. Although prosecutions are rare we have dealt with several of these cases and anyone arrested or to be interviewed by the police should seek expert legal advice...

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