Shotgun and Firearm Certificate Appeals

There are approximately 28,000 firearm certificate holders in Avon and Somerset. The Avon and Somerset Police Firearms Licensing Bureau has the power to revoke certificates and is particularly zealous in doing so.
There is a right of appeal and that is where we can help. 

It is our view that many decisions to revoke shotgun or firearm certificates by the Firearms Licensing Bureau of the Avon and Somerset Police could be successfully challenged in Court. 

A certificate holder convicted of a drink driving related offence is almost inevitably going to have their certificate revoked. In July 2013, we made a Freedom of Information Request to the Avon and Somerset Police in relation to revocation of shotgun certificates. From this, we learned that there had been only one occasion in the last two years when a shotgun certificate was not revoked following a conviction for drink driving or failing to provide a sample for analysis. According to Avon and Somerset Police, certificates were revoked in over 99% of cases.

We are confident that properly represented, many of those holders would have been successful on appeal.

We are based in Taunton but we are happy to arrange representation in the Crown Courts of Avon and Somerset and further afield.

Please contact us to discuss your situation. We are happy to give an initial view over the telephone, and if we are instructed we will agree our fees with you in advance. 

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